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Windowist Tower began to serve as the first and only serviced office building of Turkey in the prestigious business district of Büyükdere Street in 2011. It became a pioneer in the serviced office sector by developing a service model that accomodates all the needs of business life in one single building.

The 26-floor tower is conveniently located right next to the Ayazağa metro station, in the easiest accessible area of CBD Maslak. Hosting a variety of companies ranging from liaison offices of international firms to headquarters of industry leaders,from local startups to law firms, Windowist Tower offers a state of the art infrastructure and superior service quality for its clients.

Services Provided:

Elips has played a pivotal role in Windowist Tower's IT landscape from its inception, providing comprehensive consultancy services and overseeing the design, procurement and implementation of various critical IT systems. Their involvement encompasses a range of services:

  • Cisco IT Systems Implementation: Elips has been instrumental in the design, procurement, and successful implementation of key IT systems, including Cisco Wired, Wireless, and IP Telephony Systems. This integration has significantly enhanced the communication infrastructure.
  • Network Cabling Infrastructure Design and Setup: The company has contributed significantly to Windowist Tower's networking by overseeing the design, installation, and certification of the network cabling infrastructure. They have also managed the installation of server room essentials like uninterruptible power supplies, precision cooling systems, and rack cabinet monitoring systems.
  • Firewall and Security Solutions: Elips has strengthened the tower's security framework by installing and configuring firewall and security devices and software. This step has contributed to safeguarding the network and sensitive data.
  • Server, Storage, Backup, and FKM Infrastructure: The proficient team at Elips has designed and implemented the crucial server, storage, backup, and Fault-Tolerant Key Management (FKM) infrastructure. This setup ensures data security, storage efficiency, and operational continuity.
  • Installation and Setup of IT Systems: Elips has taken care of the installation and setup of all integrated IT systems, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance.
  • Consultancy and Maintenance Support: Right from the initial stages of building establishment, Elips has offered ongoing consultancy and maintenance support as part of the Maintenance Agreement. Their commitment to efficient IT infrastructure management has been evident throughout.


As Elips, we ensured the successful delivery of this major project through our experience, technical expertise, and professional team, achieving the best possible outcome.


Ozgur Ozer | R&D Manager

Elips has been instrumental in providing comprehensive IT system consultancy services for Windowist Tower since its inception. Elips was involved in the design, procurement, and implementation of various IT systems, including the Cisco Wired, Wireless, and IP Telephony Systems. They have also played a crucial role in the design, installation, and certification of Windowist Tower's network cabling infrastructure and server room appliances such as uninterruptible power supplies, precision cooling, rack cabinet monitoring systems and more. Additionally, Elips has installed and configured firewall and security devices and software, designed the server, storage, backup, and fault-tolerant key management (FKM) infrastructure, and ensured the installation and setup of all systems. From the initial stages of the building establishment, Elips has provided consultancy and maintenance support for the entire IT infrastructure, as part of the Maintenance Agreement.

We appreciate Elips' professionalism, expertise, and dedication to delivering of exceptional IT services. We highly recommend Elips for their consultancy, implementation, and ongoing support for IT systems.

Services Provided: Cyber Security Solutions / IT Consulting /  IT Infrastructure Installation, Maintenance and Support