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Hotiç is a prominent Turkish company that specializes in selling footwear and accessories, offering a variety of stylish and quality products through retail stores and online platforms. It is improving with the labor and creativity of a big team for 80 years.

Being one of the strongest brands of Turkey in its sector, Hotiç, today, has 98 sales points at the biggest Shopping Malls and the most prestigious street stores both in Turkey and abroad.

Services Provided:

Elips provides a range of crucial services to Hotiç, Turkey's leading footwear manufacturing and retail company. Their services encompass managing IT infrastructure, offering comprehensive support, and ensuring the smooth functioning of various IT aspects:

  • Network Infrastructure: Elips designs and implements Hotiç's network infrastructure, guaranteeing reliable connectivity and data security.
  • Firewall and Security Systems: Elips establishes robust firewall and security systems to safeguard Hotiç's IT environment from potential threats.
  • Server Deployment: Elips handles the deployment of servers, ensuring their optimal performance and functionality.
  • Backup Solutions: Elips implements effective backup solutions to protect Hotiç's critical data and facilitate data recovery.
  • O365 Implementation: Elips integrates Microsoft Office 365 (O365) to enhance productivity and collaboration across Hotiç's operations.
  • Consultancy and Maintenance: Elips provides continuous consultancy and maintenance support, ensuring the stability and performance of Hotiç's IT systems.
  • IT Help Desk: Elips offers IT help desk services, addressing Hotiç's technical queries and issues promptly.


Their services encompass Microsoft Office solutions, IT consulting, cyber security solutions, and IT help desk support. Elips' professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment significantly contribute to the success of Hotiç's IT operations.


Volkan Terzioglu | IT Manager

Elips, been an invaluable partner in managing the IT infrastructure and providing comprehensive support for Hotiç, one of Turkey's largest footwear manufacturing and retail companies. Elips successfully handled various aspects of Hotiç's IT infrastructure, including network infrastructure, firewall and security systems, server deployment, backup solutions, and O365 implementation.

Elips played a crucial role in designing and implementing Hotiç's network infrastructure, ensuring reliable connectivity and data security. They also set up robust firewall and security systems to protect Hotiç's IT environment. Additionally, Elips facilitated the deployment of servers, implemented effective backup solutions, and ensured the smooth integration of O365 for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

We highly appreciate Elips' professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering outstanding IT services. They have provided continuous consultancy and maintenance support for Hotiç's entire IT infrastructure as part of the Maintenance Agreement. Their proactive monitoring, system updates, and timely support have greatly contributed to the stability and performance of Hotiç's IT systems.

We confidently recommend Elips for their comprehensive IT services, consultancy, and maintenance support, which have played a significant role in the success of Hotiç's IT operations.

Services Provided: Microsoft Office Solutions / IT Consulting / Cyber Security Solutions / IT Help Desk