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Software Development

Software Development

Elips offers versatile software solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses across the spectrum, whether they are startups, SMBs or global companies. We understand that different businesses have unique requirements and we have the capability to provide a range of software solutions to meet those needs.

Our experienced team works closely with clients to understand their objectives, challenges and industry-specific requirements, enabling us to deliver customized software solutions that drive business growth and efficiency.

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Meet The Team Lead!

Hasan Taşçı

Introducing Hasan Taşçı, a highly accomplished professional with a remarkable tenure of over 20 years in the software industry. Throughout his extensive career, Hasan has displayed a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes, having spearheaded the completion of more than 100+ projects. His adept management skills have enabled him to effectively lead teams comprising 20 or more individuals, ensuring optimal collaboration and project execution.

Technologies Known
ASP.NET | .Net Core | MSSQL | Angular | Bootstrap | JQuery | NodeJS

Comprehensive Software Development Services for Diverse Business Needs

Custom Software Development

Tailored software solutions built from scratch to address specific business needs and requirements.

Web Application Development

Tailored software solutions built from scratch to address specific business needs and requirements.

Mobile App Development

Creation of mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, providing users with access to services and functionalities on their mobile devices.

Enterprise Software Development

Building large-scale, complex software systems that serve the needs of organizations, including ERP, CRM and HR systems.

E-commerce Development

Development of online shopping platforms and digital storefronts that enable businesses to sell products and services online, integrating secure payment gateways and order management systems

Software Product Development

Creation of commercial software products intended
for wide distribution and use by multiple organizations or

Software Maintenance and Support

Ongoing maintenance, bug fixing, and support services for existing software applications to ensure their optimal performance, security, and functionality.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Verification and validation of software applications to identify and rectify any defects, ensuring high quality and reliability.

API Development and Integration

Development of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow different software systems to communicate and exchange data, enabling seamless integration and interoperability.

Cloud-Based Software Development

Building software applications and solutions that leverage cloud computing technologies, enabling scalability, flexibility, and accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection.

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