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TSPB Capital Markets

The Turkish Capital Markets Association conducts research on the development of the capital market. Manages international relations. Prepares and implements training programs for professional development. It makes the necessary examinations in legal matters regarding the applications made to the Union.


Services Provided:


Elips has been a valuable partner in providing TSPB's (SMM Capital Markets Board) system consultancy services and managing help desk operations. Elips assisted in system consultancy, optimizing TSPB's IT infrastructure and providing efficient operations. Details about the services offered:

  • System Consultancy and Infrastructure Optimization: Elips has offered valuable insights and expertise in optimizing TSPB's IT infrastructure. Their system consultancy services have played a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and performance of our systems.
  • Technical Support and Innovative Solutions: Demonstrating exceptional proficiency, Elips has provided us with technical support and innovative solutions to bolster our system's performance and security. Their expertise has been instrumental in addressing challenges and exploring opportunities.
  • Dedicated Helpdesk Operations: Elips' dedicated helpdesk operations have ensured prompt and effective support for our staff. They have efficiently resolved IT issues and provided excellent customer service, contributing to the seamless operation of our organization.



Telman Shabazov | IT Manager

Elips has been a valuable partner in providing system consultancy services and managing the helpdesk operations for TSPB (CMA Capital Markets Board of Turkey). Elips has demonstrated exceptional expertise in offering system consultancy, assisting in optimizing TSPB's IT infrastructure, and ensuring efficient operations. They have provided valuable guidance, technical support, and innovative solutions to enhance our system performance and security. Elips' dedicated helpdesk operations have ensured prompt and effective assistance to our staff, resolving IT issues and providing excellent customer service. We highly appreciate Elips' professionalism, technical proficiency, and commitment to delivering outstanding services. We confidently recommend Elips for their system consultancy and helpdesk operations services.

Services Provided: Help Desk / IT Consulting