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Silkar Holding

Silkar Holding operates in a wide range of fields ranging from agricultural and industrial equipment, automotive spare parts, natural granite and marble, water and sewage pumps, construction and operation of touristic hotels and holiday resorts to tourism and insurance agency. 

Services Provided:


Elips has effectively managed various aspects of Silkar Holding's IT infrastructure. In this regard, they have provided the following services:

  • Design, Construction, and Certification of Cabling Infrastructure: Elips has undertaken the design, construction, and successful certification processes of Silkar Holding's cabling infrastructure. This has ensured the reliability and performance of the communication infrastructure.
  • Installation of Firewall and Security Devices: The company has implemented firewall and security devices, along with necessary software, to ensure the security of the network. These measures have contributed to safeguarding the network and its integrity.
  • Design and Implementation of Network, Server, Storage, and Backup Infrastructure: Elips has adeptly designed and implemented Silkar Holding's network, server, storage, and backup infrastructure. This setup has effectively managed data storage, processing power, and backup processes.
  • Deployment of Fault-Tolerant Key Management (FKM) Infrastructure: Elips has set up a fault-tolerant key management infrastructure, ensuring the security and accessibility of critical data.
  • IT Consulting and Maintenance Support: Since the inception stage, Elips has provided IT consulting and maintenance support across Silkar Holding's entire IT infrastructure. Their professional approach has facilitated the efficient management and seamless operation of the company's IT infrastructure.

Elips took an important responsibility in designing and implementing network, server, storage, backup and fault tolerant key management (FKM) infrastructure. In addition, it has been providing consultancy and maintenance support to the entire IT infrastructure of Silkar Holding since its establishment.


Engin Ozturk | IT Manager

Elips has successfully managed various aspects of Silkar Holding's IT infrastructure, including the design, construction, and certification of the cabling infrastructure. They have also installed firewall and security devices and software to ensure the network's protection. Elips played a vital role in designing and implementing the network, server, storage, backup, and fault-tolerant key management (FKM) infrastructure. Furthermore, they have provided consultancy and maintenance support for Silkar Holding's entire IT infrastructure since the establishment stage. 

Elips' professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering outstanding services have been invaluable to Silkar Holding. Their contributions in network design, security, infrastructure setup, and ongoing support have played a significant role in ensuring the stability, reliability, and security of Silkar Holding's IT systems. We highly recommend Elips for their comprehensive IT services, consultancy, and maintenance support, which have greatly contributed to the success of Silkar Holding's IT operations.

Services Provided: GDPR and KVKK Compliance Consultancy / IT Consulting