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Regnum Carya

REGNUM Turkey; It is a real estate development company managed by Öztürk Group of Companies..

Having served under the name Carya Golf Club for many years as a leader in international golf tourism management, Öztürk Group of Companies opened Regnum Carya and directed its experience and knowledge to hotel management.

Öztürk Group actively manages a turnover of 11 billion dollars in Petroleum Distribution, Real Estate Development, Tourism, Logistics, Agriculture, Mining and Pet products.

Services Provided:

As Ellips, he undertook the design, supply and implementation of Cisco Wired, Wireless and IP Phone Systems, various IT projects of Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort and Turkey's largest hotel project for Cisco in 2014. In this context, we offered the following services:

  • Cisco Project for Wired, Wireless, and IP Telephone Systems: Elips undertook the complete project involving the design, procurement, and implementation of Cisco's Wired, Wireless, and IP Telephone Systems. This comprehensive undertaking enhanced the resort's communication infrastructure.
  • Extensive Cabling Infrastructure Design and Certification: Elips managed the design, installation, and certification of an expansive cabling infrastructure comprising 17,000 nodes within the hotel premises. Their expertise ensured the reliability and performance of this intricate network.
  • Implementation of Camera System and Security Measures: The company established a comprehensive camera system and integrated firewall and security devices and software to fortify the resort's security posture.
  • Server, Storage, Backup, and FKM Infrastructure Design and Deployment: Elips orchestrated the design and deployment of essential server, storage, backup, and Fault-Tolerant Key Management (FKM) infrastructure, bolstering the resort's IT capabilities.
  • Transition to Office 365 and Ongoing IT Support: Elips expertly facilitated the seamless transition to Office 365, improving the resort's productivity and collaboration. Additionally, they provided continuous IT consultancy, maintenance support, and cyber security advisory services.


As Elips, we ensured the successful delivery of this major project through our experience, technical expertise, and professional team, achieving the best possible outcome.


Goksel Yilmaz | IT Manager

Elips played a vital role in the successful implementation of various IT projects for Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort. In 2014, Elips undertook the largest hotel project in Turkey for Cisco, including the design, procurement, and implementation of the Cisco Wired, Wireless, and IP Telephone Systems. They also handled the design, installation, and certification of the extensive 17,000-node hotel cabling infrastructure.

Additionally, Elips established the camera system, implemented firewall and security devices and software, and designed and deployed server, storage, backup, and FKM infrastructure. They successfully managed the transition to Office 365 and provided ongoing IT consultancy, maintenance support, and cyber security advisory services for the resort's entire IT infrastructure. We commend Elips for their professionalism, technical expertise, and dedication to delivering outstanding results. We highly recommend Elips for their comprehensive IT services and solutions.

Service Provided: Cyber Security Solutions / Infrastructure Design and Deployment / Microsoft Office 365 / IT Infrastructure Maintenance and Support / Cyber Security Advisory Services