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MLS Holding

MLS Holding commenced its operations by providing spare parts and service for port equipment. Today, it stands as Shell's largest industrial lubricant distributor in Europe. Simultaneously, it holds the position of an industry leader, offering engineering, service, spare parts, and machinery supply to ports in over 50 countries.


Services Provided:


Elips takes a professional approach to managing a wide range of IT sevices for MLS Holding,addressing security, data management,and system performance optimization. These services ensure MLS Holding's IT operations remain reliable, efficient and competitive.

  • Network Infrastructure Management: Elips effectively manages MLS Holding's extensive network infrastructure. Network management includes optimization, monitoring, and sustainability of network components. This service ensures uninterrupted and reliable communication and data flow for MLS Holding.
  • Firewall and Security System Management: Elips takes charge of managing firewall and security systems. This encompasses safeguarding MLS Holding's digital assets, defending against attacks, and implementing measures against security threats.
  • Server Procurement and Installation: Elips handles the procurement and installation of suitable servers for MLS Holding. This enables effective and secure management of business applications and data storage.
  • Storage Unit Installation: Elips installs storage units to fulfill data storage needs. This assists MLS Holding in orderly and secure storage of its expanding data volume.
  • Backup System Implementation: Elips implements appropriate backup systems for MLS Holding's
    data. This is crucial to prevent data loss and facilitate data recovery processes.
  • Fault-Tolerant Key Management (FKM) Structure Setup: Elips establishes the fault-tolerant key management structure for MLS Holding. This ensures secure and reliable management of sensitive data.
  • Consultancy Service: Elips provides advanced strategic IT consultancy to enhance overall performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of MLS Holding's IT infrastructure.
  • Maintenance Support under the Maintenance Agreement: Elips offers continuous support under the maintenance agreement to upkeep MLS Holding's entire IT infrastructure. This is essential to maintain smooth operations and identify potential issues in advance.


Elips adopts a professional approach to manage a broad range of IT services for MLS Holding, encompassing security, data management, and system performance optimization. These services ensure the reliability, efficiency, and competitive sustainability of MLS Holding's IT operations.


Serkan Toptas | IT Manager

Elips has been instrumental in providing comprehensive IT services for MLS Holding, the largest distributor of Shell oils in Turkey. Elips has successfully managed MLS Holding's network infrastructure, firewall and security systems, as well as the procurement and installation of servers, storage units, backup systems, and fault-tolerant key management (FKM) structures. They have also provided OUTSOURCE consultancy and maintenance support for MLS Holding's entire IT infrastructure as part of the Maintenance Agreement.

Elips has demonstrated exceptional professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering outstanding services. They have played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning, reliability, and security of MLS Holding's IT systems. We highly appreciate Elips' expertise in network management, security, and infrastructure setup, as well as their ongoing support in maintaining the IT infrastructure.

We confidently recommend Elips for their comprehensive IT services, consultancy, and maintenance support, which have greatly contributed to the success of MLS Holding's IT operations.

Services Provided: IT Consulting / Cyber Security Solutions / Network Infrastructure Management