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KLEEMANN Elevator was established in 2001 in Istanbul, Turkey, where the company has had a strong presence since 1988. As the first KLEEMANN company established abroad, KLEEMANN Elevator has continued to grow and has a significant market share in Turkey today.

With its 6,470 m2 facilities in Istanbul, a dedicated assembly line, logistics center and dedicated, professional and experienced team, KLEEMANN Elevator prides itself on customer service that makes customers feel fully supported in every step from concept to project creation.

Services Provided:


Elips has established a strong partnership as a trusted provider for managing IT operations and delivering system support to KLEEMANN Asansor. KLEEMANN stands as a prominent player in the European and global elevator market. Elips' services for KLEEMANN encompass:

  • Comprehensive IT Operations Management: Elips has taken on the vital role of overseeing and executing all IT operations for KLEEMANN in Turkey. This responsibility spans various aspects of IT management, ensuring seamless functioning and dependable support.
  • End-to-End IT Infrastructure Management: Acting as an outsourcing partner, Elips has managed KLEEMANN's entire IT infrastructure. Their involvement covers design, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of the IT landscape.
  • Proactive System Support: Elips' technical prowess shines through in their proactive approach to issue resolution and maintenance. Their swift response and resolution have upheld the stability, security, and performance of KLEEMANN Asansor's IT systems.
  • Stability and Security Assurance: Through their technical expertise, Elips has played a critical role in ensuring the stability and security of KLEEMANN Asansor's IT environment, a foundational factor for the company's operational success.
  • Professionalism and Dedication: Elips' professionalism and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional IT services have made them an integral part of KLEEMANN's IT operations.


Elips' profound impact on KLEEMANN Asansor's IT operations is a testament to their expertise in managing complex IT landscapes and providing reliable system support.


Merih Dispinar | Purchasing Cordinator

Elips, who has been a trusted partner in managing the IT operations and providing system support for KLEEMANN Asansor. KLEEMANN is one of the leading elevator companies in the European and global market. Elips has successfully undertaken the responsibility of executing all IT operations for KLEEMANN in Turkey, ensuring the smooth functioning and reliable support of their systems.
Elips has played a critical role in overseeing and managing the company’s entire IT infrastructure, providing comprehensive system support as an outsourcing partner. Their technical expertise, prompt issue resolution, and proactive maintenance have been instrumental in maintaining the stability, security, and performance of KLEEMANN Asansor 's IT systems.
We greatly appreciate Elips' professionalism, dedication, and commitment to delivering exceptional IT services. Their expertise in managing complex IT operations and providing reliable system support has significantly contributed to the success of KLEEMANN Asansor 's IT operations. We confidently recommend Elips for their comprehensive IT services and system support.

Services Provided: IT Consulting / IT Outsourcing