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Outsourcing IT hosting services to Elips offers numerous advantages. With over 33 years of industry experience, Elips brings deep expertise in delivering reliable and scalable hosting solutions tailored to your business needs. We provide customized hosting options, ensuring the right infrastructure for your requirements, whether it's dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, or managed hosting.

Elips guarantees high uptime, robust security measures, and proactive support, enabling you to focus on your core business while we handle the complexities of hosting. With cost-effective solutions and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Elips is the trusted partner to ensure the reliability, scalability, and security of your hosted environment.

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Özgür Sargın

Meet our esteemed Chief Technology Officer (CTO), [Ozgur Sargin], - Pioneering 25+ Years of Excellence in the IT Sector

A visionary leader with over 25 years of unparalleled experience in the Information Technology (IT) sector. With an illustrious career spanning several decades, Ozgur Sargin has continuously demonstrated a remarkable ability to drive innovation, spearhead cutting-edge technological solutions, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the IT world.

Technologies Known
Infrastructure Design and Management | Storage and Server Solutions | Virtualization | Networking Solutions | Cloud Computing | Cybersecurity Security | IT Project Management | IT Governance and Compliance | Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity | Outsourcing and IT Consultancy

Explore Our Hosting Services

Dedicated Hosting

Offering dedicated servers exclusively for a single client, providing enhanced security, performance, and control. This hosting option is suitable for businesses with specific resource requirements or stringent security needs.

Shared Hosting

Providing shared server resources among multiple clients, making it a cost-effective hosting solution. Shared hosting is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with moderate traffic and resource requirements.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Offering virtualized server instances with dedicated resources for each client, providing a balance between dedicated and shared hosting. VPS hosting allows for greater control, customization, and scalability compared to shared hosting.

Email Hosting

Delivering hosting services for email servers and email accounts. Email hosting ensures reliable email communication with features such as spam filtering, virus protection, and webmail access.

Managed Hosting

Providing end-to-end management of hosting infrastructure and related services, including server setup, configuration, monitoring, security, backups, and performance optimization. Managed hosting allows businesses to offload the burden of infrastructure management and focus on their core operations.

Colocation Services

Offering physical space in a data center facility for housing and managing servers and networking equipment. Colocation services provide businesses with secure, climate-controlled environments, redundant power, connectivity, and other infrastructure facilities.

Application Hosting

Hosting specific applications or software solutions on servers managed by the IT outsourcing company. This includes hosting web applications, databases, content management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and other business-critical applications.

Disaster Recovery Hosting

Providing hosting services for replicated or backup environments to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. Disaster recovery hosting enables businesses to restore their critical systems and data in a secure and timely manner.

E-commerce Hosting

Offering hosting services specifically tailored for online retail businesses. E-commerce hosting provides robust security measures, scalability to handle peak traffic, and features such as payment gateways, SSL certificates, and shopping cart functionality.

Cloud Hosting

Delivering hosting services through cloud infrastructure, providing scalability, flexibility, and high availability. Cloud hosting allows businesses to dynamically adjust resources, pay for what they use, and leverage the benefits of distributed cloud environments.

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Microsoft Cloud Platforms

Microsoft 365 product family

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